Poverty creates illiteracy.
Literacy eradicates poverty.

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KISS is registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860. Donations to Educate children are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. We guarantee transparency.



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We Guarantee Transparency

We take your trust in us seriously. KISS is committed to transparency and accountability.

  • KISS is registered as a Society in India and charity in USA and UK
  • Your donation will support the noble work of KISS.
  • You will receive one E-Mail as an acknowledgment of receipt of your donation with 80-G Certificate for tax purpose, along with other updates.

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For more queries feel free to email us at
[email protected]

All donations made to KISS are exempt up to 50% under Sec 80G under Income Tax Act,1961 subject to submission of Tax Exemption certificate issued by KISS authorities on receipt of your donation.

Based on your request on donation page (Click the option Yes for Tax certificate) and your amount of donation exceeding Rs 2500/-, we shall send the Tax exemption certificate via e-mail or in your address mentioned in the portal which can be shared to Income Tax authorities. In case you have changed your address, you may contact us with the updated address.

Yes, we don't store Credit/Debit/Bank information on our website. To secure highly sensitive information, including your personal information, we have put in place strict security measures which include:

  1. One-way SHA256 encryption of your PII.
  2. Ensure sitewide SSL.
  3. Secure the web server processes.
  4. Limit User Permissions and Access.
  5. Automate website backups.
  6. Use a DDoS mitigation service.

The donors can make contribution/donation for the noble cause of KISS by simply signing in the online donation portal of KISS https://donation.kiss.in and complying the step-by-step instructions in the portal. All modes of online payment through Bill Desk gate way covering Debit card, Credit card, Internet Banking, all UPI mode payments, e-wallets ,etc are accepted.

KISS is a recognised NGO as per GOI guidelines which was ranked 189 among TOP 500 NGOS during 2019 as per NGO advisor.

KISS has been accorded Special Consultative status from the UN during the year 2015 for pursuing relentlessly the vision of various SDG goals at the core of its work ethos with aim of empowering the tribal communities .KISS has initiated multi-stake holder and multi-platform conversation of tribal community through holistic education , life skills education , vocational skills , free education and free boarding creating social change for a sustainable future. KISS has also partnered with United Nations Population Fund, UNDP and UNICEF for various life skill education, skill development, action research and other development programmes on Children Issues.

In case of double debits or any wrong entries which can be substantiated with documentary evidence, KISS may consider the request subject to submission of request to our office address or mail ID [email protected]. within 30days of making donation, submission of original receipt of donation, PAN details and copy of PAN card. Please note that we shall respond to your request within 15 days of receipt of your refund request which will be refunded in the name of the donor only. In case Tax exemption certificate is issued we shall be constrained to refund the amount unless any mistake is made on the part of KISS. See Policies for details

In case you are interested to donate on monthly basis / quarterly basis/Half yearly /Yearly basis as per the options in the donation page in the portal, you will be provided with hassle-free sign in process based on your mandate which will be captured in the portal. In case you are interested to modify your mandate, then please write to us in our mail [email protected]. for effecting necessary changes at our end which will meet your requirements.

No cash donation is received by KISS as matter of policy.

As a matter of Policy, names of tribal students for whom the donation is used cannot be revealed as the fund is pooled together and utilised for food, boarding, study materials, health and hygiene, life skill education, vocational education and other extracurricular activities including sports for 30000 students at Bhubaneswar Campus and 10000 students at satellite centres.

KISS receives grants and international funding which are utilised for free education of tribal children which are duly audited and published in Annual reports every year.

The donation received shall be utilised for providing free education, free accommodation , life skill education, vocational education , nutrition and hygiene and other extracurricular activities to empower the underprivileged and marginalised tribal children to make them self-reliant and socially responsible good citizens.

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